Today, learning to code is tantamount to learning to read. At EVCS, we focus on the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development needs of our children. While it is important to teach children to read, write, add, subtract, multiply, and divide, it is wise to equip our children with the ability to code. Why learn Python Programming Language at EVCS?  Please consider the following:

  1. We care about education.  Coding enables children to improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Coding enables children to breakdown problems into manageable tasks and use logic to make connections.  When children obtain coding skills, they are able to analyze complicated situations and find an appropriate solution. We believe that, no matter what career they choose — coding will boost their confidence, they will become aware that they are capable of finding solutions, and they will achieve their goals.
  2. Coding encourages creativity.  When children learn the basic concepts, they will begin to realize that they are only limited by their own imagination.  They will come to realize that they can read other’s coding and add their own tweaks.  Children will learn that as in life, there are many ways to solve problems.  Coding can be very engaging and fun.
  3. Younger children pick up new skills faster.  A child’s mind is like a sponge, which enables them to learn easily.  They take in new information effortlessly.  Learning to code is like learning another language.  Studies support the finding that babies and toddlers have an easier time learning a new language.
  4. Coding is widely used.   Our lives depend on computer science daily.  We are increasingly learning to depend on software development, and it doesn’t look like this mega trend will slow down.  Smartwatches, TVs, heart implants, cars: they are all becoming a part of the booming Internet of Things.  Our American way of life depends on information storage, retrieval, and archival processes. When we teach our children to code, they will be able to understand the world around them and gain skills that are highly sought in the job market.
  5. Coding is fun. There are many practical applications of coding.  But, also consider that creating a game, a simple app, or an animation of a child’s own, can be incredibly fun.  Mrs. Kommu’s class will introduce coding in the form of a game.  It will be fun.

Wait List

Our first Python Programming for Beginners class began September 2018. It was an exciting win-win-win success. As a result, the EVCS faculty and staff are currently “wait listing” students to gauge interest for future planning.

Before scheduling the next class, we wish to learn how many students are interested in registering as beginners or for an advanced class. Please, help us by filling out the form below. We will contact you to learn your preference, get an idea of when to schedule the next class, and deep dive into the logistics and tie up all loose ends needed to match the excellence we strive for in our classes. Thank you!

Computer Programming: Python Programming for Beginners

This course is an introduction to basic programming skills, and it will get the students acclimated to the computer programming environment. Students will learn theoretical basics of programming, Biblical perspective to coding, programming in Python, and also the basics of computer Hardware and networking. The class will acquaint the students with the necessary software skills, which can further be built to design their own games or Apps.

Prerequisite: This class is intended for students who have no prior programming experience, and are in 5th – 12th grades.
Location: 2715 S White Rd, San Jose, CA 95148
Instructor: Mrs. Mini Kommu
Ages: 10 – 18
Fees: $300 EVCS students / $340 non-EVCS students
Start Date: September, date TBD
Number of weeks: 25
Duration of each class: 45 min.

If you are interested in learning more about this program please fill out the following information, and we will contact you with further details. Space is limited.

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