Day care is one of the biggest things that a family has to worry about and figure out. It can be incredibly stressful to find a place that provides the best possible care for your child while also meeting your family’s budget.

Day care can be broken down into two categories: child care (or preschool) or family day care. East Valley Christian School is here to help you make the best decision for your child. Take a look at the differences between family day care and child care/preschool, and contact EVCS to tour our facilities and to learn more about the enrollment process! We know that our private preschool and child care offers exceptional care, as well as a head start in academics for your young one, and we’d love to meet with you to discuss our program options even further.

Why Choose a Child Care Center or Private Preschool?

Parents universally want the best for their children. Sending your child to a place like EVCS in San Jose, where they’ll be cared for by the experts and the professionals, is truly the best gift that you can give your child. Not only will your child be on the right academic track with our private preschool, not only will they receive unparalleled support and care, but you will also benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is in the best care possible.

Here are just a few notes to think over about family day care if that’s an option you’re still considering:

Private preschool and child care centers are licensed by the state.

Do you really want to send your child to a place that’s not licensed by California? So many things can fly under the radar if certain regulations are not met and annual inspections aren’t conducted. If something at a family day care program does go wrong (and we hope it never does), the day care providers might not even be liable, simply because the rules are much more lax than with a child care center.

Private preschool and child care centers have teachers.

You might find a family day care provider who was once a teacher, but chances aren’t very likely. On the flip side, teacher aides, teachers, site supervisors, and program directors are all required to pass certain classes (and for the latter two positions, hold degrees in early childhood development). They receive the education necessary to both teach and care for your child. This gives your young one the academic jump start and nurturing environment they need to thrive.

Private preschool and child care centers have to follow the rules.

Did you know that at a child care center or preschool, there needs to be 35 square feet of indoor space and 75 square feet of outdoor activity space — for every child? Family day care programs do not have any space requirements that they need to meet, which can end up being detrimental to your child’s health and growth.

Plus, child care centers have much stricter rules on adult-to-student ratios. For children under the age of two, the ratio is 1:3 — family day care can have one adult for six children, three of whom can be infants.

If you want your child to have more one-on-one attention, more space, more teachers, and more potential for success, you want your child to be enrolled in a child care center. East Valley Christian School offers preschool for children in the San Jose area, providing a space where students can truly thrive. Contact us to tour our child care and preschool program, and see the difference firsthand that a licensed center can make in your child’s life.