1. Benefits of Curiosity in Kids

    Do you remember how curious you were as a child? How you questioned the world around you and wondered why things worked the way they did? Do you remember wanting to learn and understand everything? Most of us are curious as children and question everything, but as we grow older, many of us lose that curiosity. Maybe it is because we understand the things around us a little better so we stop asking…Read More

  2. Teaching Your Children to Love Learning

    One amazing thing that humans can do that most of us take advantage of is learning. Learning is an incredible way to understand the different aspects of life and to broaden our knowledge on a number of topics. While school can generally cause students to dislike learning, there are ways to help your child develop a love for learning. As a parent, you want your child to be curious and smart, you wa…Read More

  3. Benefits of Preschool

    As your little one slowly becomes a toddler, they will be learning and growing more than you even realize. This is an important time in your child’s life. They will develop skills that will be crucial throughout the entirety of their lives. They will learn social skills, motor skills, and other important skills that will help them cope with everyday life. One way to ensure your child gets the mo…Read More

  4. Amazing Books for Every Reading Level

    Helping your child learn to love reading is one of the greatest gifts you could give them. Developing literacy skills helps with language acquisition, writing, and since reading is an essential component of basically every subject, literacy skills set children up for success in so many other capacities as well. But as we all know, a love of reading starts with a great book. A book that doesn’t s…Read More

  5. Cutting Back on Screen Time

    Screen time is the thing on a lot of parents’ minds. We want our kids to enjoy television and tablets. We want them to have the necessary technological skills that are practically expected of them. And yet, we don’t want kids to become too hooked. We don’t want to use screen time as a crutch for our own time, and we also don’t want our children to forget the world around them. There’s a …Read More

  6. Should Young Kids Have Screen Time?

    When your 2-year-old is having their fourth (though it feels like fortieth) tantrum of the day, it can be so easy to fire up the iPad. When your toddler is comforted by Paw Patrol and you really need to clean the kitchen, who wouldn’t want to turn on the TV for them? When you hear about their preschool using tablets, it only makes sense why you would want your child to learn how to use some mode…Read More

  7. Child Care Centers vs. Family Day Care

    Day care is one of the biggest things that a family has to worry about and figure out. It can be incredibly stressful to find a place that provides the best possible care for your child while also meeting your family’s budget. Day care can be broken down into two categories: child care (or preschool) or family day care. East Valley Christian School is here to help you make the best decision for …Read More

  8. Giving Thanks With Your Family

    Thanksgiving may seem like it’s about the turkey, the relish, the mashed potatoes, and the pumpkin pie. And to be fair, these are all some delicious components. But Thanksgiving is much bigger than the amount of food you can pile onto your plate. It’s a great opportunity to practice thankfulness with your family, and our private school has some ideas that everyone will enjoy. East Valley Chris…Read More

  9. More Reasons To Choose Parochial School

    Welcome back to Part II of why your family might benefit from parochial school! In our first blog, we talked about how strengthening your child’s faith and having smaller class sizes are some of the reasons why people tend to love parochial school. We’ll continue on that topic today with a few more reasons why our private school could offer your child an unparalleled education. East Valley Chr…Read More

  10. Why Choose Parochial Schooling?

    For decades, families have chosen to send their children to parochial (religious) school. They witness and are a part of the many benefits that come from sending kids to Christian school. And for many families, the parents themselves went to Christian school, and want their children to have a similar positive experience. But for families that have little to no experience with parochial schools, it…Read More