1. Preparing For Kindergarten

     They were once so small they fit into the palm of your hand. They once were not even able to walk, let alone crawl. They were just learning to laugh and to speak, and now, they’re headed off to kindergarten. This is an emotional and exciting time for everyone, and our Christian school is here to guide you and offer advice as you gear up for the big day. Take a look at a few ways that you can p…Read More

  2. Advantages to Private Education

    Private and public education have had a long and winding road together. Their purposes are the same, they look and feel very similar to one another, and yet, they’re often pitted against each other. Families all want the best for their children, and know that school and education is one of the most important factors in a child’s success and overall well-being. Most families end up, at some poi…Read More

  3. What to Know When You Apply

    Applying to a private elementary school can seem like a complex process, and for some, even intimidating. We understand this fully. The pressure can really seem like it’s on when your child’s education feels as though it’s on the line. For this reason, East Valley Christian School has compiled a few things for you to consider and expect when you begin the application process. As a Christian …Read More

  4. Keeping Up Education Over the Summer, Part II

    Welcome back to our blog series on keeping up with education throughout the summer months! In the first blog, we talked about the summer slide, and how you can join or set up your own reading program for your family to partake in. This is critical to maintaining literacy development, but there are many other things you can do as well to ensure academics are not lost during the summer. Learn some s…Read More

  5. Keeping Up Education Over the Summer

    Summer’s almost here! Time for days at the beach, trips to the zoo, and, of course, keeping up with your academics. It’s not exactly something that students want to think about right now, but it’s important all the same. Lengthy summer breaks with no exposure to school materials, or no chance to practice some of the skills learned over the school year, lead to what’s known as the summer sl…Read More