For decades, families have chosen to send their children to parochial (religious) school. They witness and are a part of the many benefits that come from sending kids to Christian school. And for many families, the parents themselves went to Christian school, and want their children to have a similar positive experience.

But for families that have little to no experience with parochial schools, it can seem a bit unnerving, or even complicated to try out this type of education. East Valley Christian School understands this, so we’ve compiled a list of reasons why parochial schooling might be in your family’s best interests. Learn more from EVCS, and look into registration today.

Continue growing your child’s faith.

Providing your child with more opportunities to express and practice their faith is always a top-notch parenting move. As kids grow and turn into teenagers, these can be some tumultuous times — having a strong faith can make those transitions easier, and the traditions that you maintain at home can continue at school.

Faith shouldn’t have to be something that’s “turned off” depending on the situation — our Christian school believes it should be a constant part of life. For some families who aren’t especially faith-driven, that is your choice and we respect it! But for families that want to continue helping their children develop their faith, EVCS is the perfect place to do so.

See the benefits from smaller class sizes.

Children deserve as much individual attention as possible, especially in the classroom. Learning is a process, and a challenging one at that! When kids don’t understand a certain lesson or concept (which is bound to happen), they need support that can help them get up to speed and keep moving forward.

In certain schools, a lack of funding makes it nearly impossible to keep enough teachers on staff, or even have enough space to have smaller classrooms. Christian schools and other parochial schools tend to prioritize this, and have the means to make it happen. When your child struggles with algebra or multiplication at other schools, there’s a chance it won’t get noticed or attended to right away (though as always, we know that educators do their best, no matter what type of school they work at). This isn’t the fault of the teacher, but rather the fact that there are so many other students that also need attention.

At EVCS, if/when your child starts to struggle with something, there is a community ready to support them and to help them get back on track. Smaller class sizes are incredibly important in helping your child get the guidance they need.

In our next blog, we’ll continue with even more reasons why your child can benefit from parochial school. Until then, know that EVCS would be honored to provide you with any information you seek regarding our vision and mission, enrollment, or visits to our campus. Your child’s education is not only your priority, it’s also ours. When we work together, you’ll see firsthand how beneficial our Christian school is for your family. Contact us today to begin.