Applying to a private elementary school can seem like a complex process, and for some, even intimidating. We understand this fully. The pressure can really seem like it’s on when your child’s education feels as though it’s on the line. For this reason, East Valley Christian School has compiled a few things for you to consider and expect when you begin the application process.

As a Christian school, we focus on a holistic and rigorous curriculum that’s Christ-centered, designed to help your child truly flourish and grow. Take a look at some details about our application process, and get started on your application today.

We’re a Christian school.

This might seem obvious, but it is very important to consider as you think about applying. We focus on building Christian character in each of our students — if your family does not practice Christianity or feels uncomfortable raising your children in a Christian mindset, you should maybe reconsider. That being said, we welcome all to apply who agree with the values and mission that EVCS was founded upon. Learn more about who we are and see if you feel we would be a good fit for your family’s values — your child’s education is a two-way street, after all!

You’ll need to schedule an Educational Success Consultation.

Before applying to our private elementary and middle school, you will need to schedule an Educational Success Consultation (ESC) with our school. At this consultation, you’ll meet with the principal or another experienced staff member to discuss academic, social, and development of character goals that you have for your child. If applicable, we recommend both parents attend this meeting as well.

This stage is almost like a pre-interview, in which our staff will get a feel for your child and see if EVCS would be a good fit for them. An ESC can feel stressful, but know that we always have your child’s best interests at heart.

Your child will take an academic test screening.

Our curriculum is comprehensive and rigorous, and our academic expectations are set exceedingly high. We require each prospective student to take an academic test that helps determine if they will meet both the standards and program goals of EVCS. Again, we cannot emphasize enough that if your child doesn’t meet these standards from this initial test screening, it does not mean that they’re doomed to fail or will never experience success. This test is designed to be rigorous and to determine if we are a good community and fit for your child, and it is only one measure — and certainly not the only measure of future academic achievement.

We do have priority enrollment.

Space is absolutely a determining factor for how many students we enroll each year. We aim to keep class sizes at a manageable number and teacher-to-student ratio, so that our students are set up for success. For siblings of current students, priority enrollment is a factor. At EVCS, we do what we can to help keep families together, recognizing the positive impact that this can have on families.

Our dress code is to be strictly abided.

We have dress and grooming standards, as stated in our Dress Code Guidelines, that are to be adhered to at all times. If your family has an issue with this policy, this might be something to think over before you begin the application process.

We offer financial aid.

For families who are apprehensive about applying to a private Christian school due to the costs, we encourage you to put those fears to rest. We offer up to $50,000 in tuition assistance every year, and partner with other businesses and entities to provide financial aid.

In addition to yearly tuition, it should be noted that we also have assessment test and new student registration fees, as well as other one-time fees. Some of these fees are dependent on grade level, such as our technology fee for grades 5-8.

With any additional questions you might have about the application process, we encourage you to visit our admissions and application timeline pages to learn more. As always, feel free to contact our private elementary and middle school with any remaining inquiries (though keep in mind our summer hours may be limited). We look forward to hearing from you, and meeting you in the near future!