As a parent, you may feel as though you just sent your kids back to school after a long winter break. Before you know it, however, spring break will be here and your kids will be home for at least a week. With that in mind, you probably want to find some activities not only to entertain them, but also to foster their imagination and creativity. Continue reading to browse six of the best activities to engage your children’s creative side this spring.

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1. Nature Walk

One of the great aspects of spring break is that the weather can be really nice, which is perfect for getting outside and enjoying nature! A nature walk is an awesome activity to provide exercise, fresh air, and to stimulate your child’s imagination. Grab a bag before you head out on your walk. Look for at least 10 different, natural items that you can place in the bag. Encourage your child to pick only one of each thing to make sure you have a variety of items. When you get home, lay everything out on a table and ask your child to make a story using the objects they selected on the walk.

2. Cardboard Box

Probably every parent has experienced this at least once. You buy a really nice toy for your child and after a few minutes, they are more interested in playing with the box the toy came in. For this activity, skip the purchase and head straight to an appliance store or home improvement store and ask for any large empty box they can give you. Once you get the box home, set it up in a large open space and let your child decide what the box will be. You might be surprised at what they imagine — a car, a rocket ship, a time machine, and more. When they’re ready, give them the markers and stickers they need to make their dream come to life.

3. Brushless Painting

Painting with brushes is fun, but imagine the artwork your child can create when they use nontraditional painting items such as string, rubber bands, old sponges, fly swatters, and more! Make sure to provide a variety of colors to allow them to explore the ways that colors can compliment and contrast with one another. This activity will work best if you can set it up outside to minimize the mess in your home. If the weather isn’t cooperating, place a large plastic sheet down in the garage or somewhere in your home with a tile floor for easy clean up. Once you’ve set up the creative space, lay down a canvas, poster, or large piece of butcher paper and allow your child to paint with the found objects you gathered.

4. Reading

Create the right environment and space for your child to curl up with a good book or three. This may be in a special reading nook in their bedroom or their favorite chair in the children’s section of the local library. Reading is an excellent way to encourage your child to use their imagination in ways that television and electronic devices simply cannot compete with. Depending on your child’s age, you could also take them to story time at the library where they can listen to an adult reading a book. If your child isn’t old enough to read on their own, they will definitely benefit from being read to.

5. Cloud and Star Gazing

When you think back to your own childhood, you may remember some of your favorite times involved lying on the grass on a sunny day and trying to pick out shapes in the clouds overhead. Perhaps you also tried to identify constellations gazing through a telescope. Share these simple pleasures that help activate the imagination with your child during their spring break. Not only are they sure to have fun discovering elephants and sharks in the clouds, but you’ll both make great memories lying on the grass together.

6. Let Them Get Bored

Whether or not you realize it, you may jump to create activities for your child every time they tell you they’re bored. While this might be a natural reaction for many parents, it’s actually not the best thing you can do for them when it comes to fostering their imagination. Avoid scheduling their day full of activities, as boredom is not the worst disaster that can happen in a child’s life. On the contrary, boredom is what frequently leads to some of the most imaginative play and activities for children. When you hear your child complain that they are bored, encourage them to use their resources and creativity to entertain themself. If you’ve already done the work of encouraging them to use their imagination, they will eventually find something to do.

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