We’ve recognized several common traits among our EVCS families- helpful, supportive and loyal- to name a few. We see this evidenced time and time again at our school functions, when chairs fill up with parents (even grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends!) eager to invest in the educational success of their child.

Our families want to see their child succeed, and they show it in their volunteer efforts, even occasionally using their work and life skills for special projects and educational moments. Not only is it fun for the parents and guardians, but the impact they have on our students is priceless.

As a result we ask all of our families to offer at least 20 hours of their time in an academic year to volunteer during our many events. We offer a lot of fun and exciting opportunities throughout the year where your expertise is needed (and much appreciated!).

Check out our upcoming events for opportunities to volunteer.

Upcoming Events