For many students coming to our private school in San Jose, they’ve been at another school previously and are now switching over to East Valley Christian School (we’re so glad to have you!). This can be an understandably scary time for new students, as they are moving away from their old friends, as well as teachers and even just a building that they’re familiar with.

We know how anxious some students can be coming into a new school year, which is why we have some tips to help students cope and adapt quickly during this time. See how you can best help your child deal with their school anxiety, and contact our private school for questions about enrollment, registration, and any other information you’re looking for.

Observe and Check In

“How are you feeling about the new school year starting?” “Fine.” This kind of conversation is probably pretty familiar with many families, and parents know that, more often than not, they’re not getting the important details. No matter how your child describes how they’re feeling, start taking the role of an active observer, noticing if their behavior, moods, or attitudes are shifting in any way. Next, approach the topic in some more specific ways: Are you nervous, excited, or both for the new school year? What are you looking forward to? What are you worried about? Understanding the root of their anxiety can help you know how to best respond and assist.

Continue to Check In

After the first day, week, or even month of school, your child might still be adjusting. Make checking in a consistent thing, to continue gauging how much support they might need. It can be as simple as sharing breakfast together on a Saturday, or taking your child out for a lunch date and a movie. Spending some quality time together is a great way to open up the door of trust and communication.

Relate to Them

There hasn’t been a single one of us who hasn’t felt a little bit nervous on the first day of school at one point or another. Especially when you’re transitioning to a new school, it’s a challenging experience for even the most adaptable of us. Reflect back on that time, and share your feelings on that day, as well as how that day went. If you have anything embarrassing to share, do it! Make it comical, or at the very least, provide them with the reference point of “hey, no matter what, on your first day of school you didn’t _______ like I did!”

Watch a Relevant Movie

There are tons of amazing movies that your child can probably relate to. For older kids, “Mean Girls” has the perfect demonstration of how important it is to be true to yourself and to those around you (while having some one-liners that are so fetch). Kids of all ages will love and relate to “Inside Out,” which also does such a great job of talking about emotions and how to manage them. Make a movie night of it with the whole family, and use this as a talking point with your child as well.

Encourage Them to Join Clubs

One of the biggest fears of everyone going to a new school? The worry that they won’t make any friends. No matter what, your child will make friends in time at our private school, but encourage your children to expedite the process by signing up for some sports or clubs for them to enjoy. This is a great way to help them get to know other kids faster, and connect over similar interests.

With East Valley Christian School, your child will be in an incredible academic learning environment and community — but it can still be tough to adjust to a new school. Try out these ideas with your young one, and have a great school year!