They were once so small they fit into the palm of your hand. They once were not even able to walk, let alone crawl. They were just learning to laugh and to speak, and now, they’re headed off to kindergarten. This is an emotional and exciting time for everyone, and our Christian school is here to guide you and offer advice as you gear up for the big day. Take a look at a few ways that you can prepare your child (and yourself!) for kindergarten, and apply to our school today!


Give them opportunities for practice.

Hopefully at this point, your child has been in preschool for at least a year, so they have some familiarity with what it’s like to be in a school. However, there may be a variety of reasons why this isn’t the case (though we recommend that every child attend preschool, as it’s a crucial part of their growth and development). If kindergarten is going to be the first time that your child gets into a classroom environment, now’s the time to start practicing.

Take them to any regular event where they will have some practice for listening to and following directions, as well as socializing with their peers. Such examples might include Sunday school, day camps, daycare, and even just practicing certain school expectations at home. Guide them in reflection, and talk about how this will be similar to when they’re kindergarten.

Help them get (and stay) on academic track.

There are a number of academic benchmarks and milestones your child should have already hit before kindergarten. Granted, this is not an overall determining factor for their success, because many children take their time with certain milestones and are more than fine. But as a general guideline, here are a few things that they should be able to do before the first day of school:

  • Count to 30
  • Identify the written numbers 1-10
  • State first and last name, and be able to write their first name
  • Recognize most written letters (capitalized and lowercase)

In a future blog, we’ll cover some more of these milestones and how to help your child achieve them. Until then, know that these are a few academic indicators that show your child is ready to enter kindergarten — but again, timelines are very fluid, and if your child isn’t there quite yet, they will, more often than not, get there eventually.

Bring it back to the Bible.

This is a time of excitement, as we said, but also fear. It could mean fear for the child who’s starting a new school, fear for the family, who are afraid to lose their young one and watch them grow up so fast — the list goes on. When you think in the context of others in the Bible who have faced challenges and overcame them, it sets a great tone that you and your family will not only get through this time, but truly thrive.

Talk about David and Goliath. Think about Daniel and the lion’s den. There are plenty of stories that show the value of trusting in the Lord, which is a message one should always come back to.

We’ll conclude Part I in kindergarten readiness here, but stay tuned for Part II, and remember to contact our Christian school in San Jose to find out more about admissions and applying!