Welcome back to Part II of why your family might benefit from parochial school! In our first blog, we talked about how strengthening your child’s faith and having smaller class sizes are some of the reasons why people tend to love parochial school. We’ll continue on that topic today with a few more reasons why our private school could offer your child an unparalleled education.

East Valley Christian School is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, a testament to the type of education we’ve offered families in San Jose. Your child is a blessing, and they deserve the best that school can offer. We’re confident that we can provide just that. Find out more about the benefits to parochial school, and set up a time to visit our campus!

More school, not less.

Most public schools in California have 180 days on their academic calendar, which means a few months off in the summer. While summer tends to be painted in a great light, the reality is much harsher. More than half of children in the U.S. qualify for free and reduced lunch, and families cannot take off time in the summer to care for them, or to provide enrichment programs to support their break from school. Much of what they learned ends up being lost, and students start school with less understanding of academic concepts than when they left on the last day of school.

To combat the summer slide, our private school has a summer enrichment program that’s dedicated to providing educational opportunities and access, all year long. Your child is a part of a community when they’re in a parochial school like ours — they don’t simply leave in summer and come back unprepared for the next school year. We have the resources to help them stay on track with their academics, whether they’re on vacation or not.

Continue family traditions.

As we started talking about in our first blog, many families who send their child to parochial school went to the same type of school themselves. They saw the positive impact that it had on their education, and they want to instill the same values in their children. This can be an excellent reason to enroll your child with our private school — plus, you can relate to their experiences and build further connections with your family.

Become part of a community.

Our students have the potential to be with the same class from preschool all the way up to middle school. This fosters an incredible sense of community for them with their peers, and encourages amazing relationships and friendships that can last for a lifetime. Even if they’re past their preschool days, your child will quickly see how outstanding the culture is, and their friendships will continue to flourish.

But when you enroll your child with EVCS, it’s not just the kids who are a part of the community — parents and the whole family are all so important to who we are. You’ll love the connections that you form with people in our tight-knit school.

East Valley Christian School offers the parochial experience that you’re looking for. Your child will benefit, you’ll love the confidence that comes from knowing their school is exceptional, and, simply put, everyone wins. Getting to grow in faith, in academics, and growing as a person as a whole are all guarantees when your child attends our private school.

But you don’t have to take our word for it — set up a campus visit, and bring the family! You deserve to see the benefits of parochial education in action, and we’d love to show you what EVCS has to offer. Contact us to begin!