East Valley Christian School provides a quality christian education by integrating the Bible, providing academic rigor, and critical thinking to our academic studies.

Biblical Integration

The Bible is referenced while subjects are being taught, using biblical analogies or examples. Students are shown how the BIble should guide them as they apply the academic discipline to real-life situations. Lastly, the final level focuses on rebuilding the academics for the glory of God.

Academic Rigor

The educational experience our students engage in contains content that is appropriate to their academic level and helps them learn to analyze, evaluate and ultimately create. Student’s are challenged to learn and to connect what they are learning with other subject material.

Critical Thinking

At EVCS, education is learning to think for oneself, to use discernment, and to consider values when confronted with conflict. It’s knowing the facts and processes, but also thinking critically and expressing one’s ideas. Students critical thinking skills are developed with inductive teaching, hands-on-learning, and probing questions.